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May 21, 2017



Preheatovento350 degrees.
Season tenderloingenerouslywith Cajun seasoning,setaside. Heatrtbsp olive oilinacastiron skilletover mediumheat.Brown thetenderloinonbothsides,addingalittleKitchen Bouquetforaddedcolor.
Inasmall bowl, mixthejelly,mustard, and Worcestershire. Brush the brownedporkwiththeglaze,thenputintheovenfor30 minutes.Checkfordonenessusingameatthermometer.Addmoreglazethencooklongerifneeded.
Once done, 
removefromtheovenand allowitto sitforat leastten minutes before slicing, to retainjuices.Spoonmoreglazeoverthe top when serving.

Credit: cookingwithchristen.com 


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