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Cajun Power Crawfish Étouffée
In Louisiana, everyone enjoys getting together with family and friends for a good crawfish étouffée. Cajun Power's Crawfish Étouffée starts with a classic Cajun light roux and then adds the perfect amount of seasoning, fresh vegetables, and Chef Caro's special touch of gris-gris. All you do is add the crawfish (or shrimp), simmer for a few minutes, and enjoy. Crawfish Étouffée is always a great meal to make with your leftover crawfish tails after a crawfish boil. Serve with rice, or over blackened fish, or even use it as a chicken stuffing!
Bruce's Sweet Potato Pancake Mix
Whether you're a fan of sweet potatoes or not, you're sure to love Bruce's Sweet Potato Pancake Mix. This easy, just-add-water mix makes pancakes and waffles that are naturally sweet.
Mardi Gras Day (Fat Tuesday) is also celebrated as Pancake Tuesday! Fat Tuesday/Pancake Tuesday is the day preceding Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. Enjoying pancakes is a tradition of eating rich food before the first day of Lent. Luckily, Bruce’s pancake mix is low in fat and can be enjoyed all year!
LA Fish Fry Crawfish, Shrimp & Crab Boil
With just the right amount of the finest garlic, onion, paprika, and lemon, our powdered boil guarantees a perfect result every time. This package contains enough seasoning to boil 5 lbs. shrimp, 8 medium crabs, or 10 lbs. crawfish. Vegetables are always a great addition to any boil. Try potatoes, mushrooms, green beans, corn or even artichokes! Made in Baton Rouge, LA.
Dat Dip Cajun Boy Flavor
Add a little zing to your food with Dat Dip. Dat Dip has a spicy Cajun kick that goes great with everything. In Acadiana, Cajuns use dipping sauces such as Dat Dip for their boiled crawfish. Dat Dip is not only for boiled seafood, but also goes great on po-boys, burgers, pizza, wings, and fried food. Dat Dip is made in Lafayette, LA.
Jambalaya Girl by Cook Me Somethin’ Mister
Jambalaya Girl by Cook Me Somethin’ Mister is a family and women owned business that brings an authentic taste of New Orleans to the world with easy to prepare food products, inspired by Jambalaya Girl's family recipes. Drawing from her family’s upbringing in the New Orleans cooking scene and her creation of a nationwide tailgating fundraiser following Hurricane Katrina, owner Kristen Preau “Jambalaya Girl” created Cook Me Somethin’ Mister initially from her Dad’s jambalaya recipe. All products are now proudly made in New Orleans with the finest ingredients and are specially blended by Chef Paul Prudhomme's Magic Seasoning Blends.

Mam Papaul’s King Cake Mix
with Praline Filling
You can’t celebrate Fat Tuesday without King Cake! This kit contains all the components necessary to make a traditional Mardi Gras King Cake. Mam Paupaul’s started in 1972 with what began as a “Cajun Care Package” Mam Papaul’s became the first brand of New Orleans-Style foods to be produced into convenience mixes.
Elmer's Original Cheese Chee Wees
Elmer's Original Cheese Chee Wees are made with "Real" aged sharp cheese that customers have loved for generations! These are a New Orleans original snack! Elmer’s started with this flavor way back in 1946! Today, Alan, Stephen, and Paul Elmer are the fifth generation of the Elmer family to work in the food manufacturing business in New Orleans. They produce Chee Wees using the same quality standards that their grandfather used over 70 years ago. Elmer's Chee Wees are now a traditional Mardi Gras throw in New Orlean’s Mardi Gras parades! The packs included in Cajun Crate are the packs thrown at Mardi Gras!
Pat O’Brien’s Hurricane Mix.
This world famous cocktail is a sweet alcoholic drink consisting of rum, passion fruit syrup and lime juice. The drink originated in the 1940s because of the need to use up 50 cases of the less popular rum that the local distributors forced the bar to buy before getting the more popular scotch and whiskey liquors. The drink was given to sailors in a hurricane lamp-shaped glass and the name “hurricane” stuck. The drink quickly became popular and is now a “must have” when visiting New Orleans’ French Quarter. The classic New Orleans Hurricane from Pat O’Brien’s consists of 4 oz. of Rum, 4 oz. of Pat O'Brien's Hurricane Mix, Crushed ice and then garnish the 26 oz hurricane glass with an orange and a cherry.
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