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D'Agostino's Crawfish Shaped Pasta

Crawfish shaped pasta is great for all of your seafood pasta recipes and more!

D’Agostino Pasta Company produces a traditional, hand-made pasta, acclaimed for its delicate texture and legendary flavor, is still made the old fashioned way, in our Baton Rouge pasta factory, using the “delicate” method developed centuries ago in Palermo, Sicily.  Small quantities of pasta are extruded through bronze dies created specifically for each shape.  The pasta is carefully looped over wooden rods, straightened, then air-dried in wooden cellars.  No microwaves.   The pasta is then stripped one stick or screen at a time, and hand-packed to ensure the freshest, best tasting pasta you will ever buy.  No preservatives are used. No additives. No artificial coloring. Only the natural sweetness and nutritional value of the finest 100% Durum wheat is used to make D’Agostino pasta. This delicate pasta requires half the cooking time of commercially produced pasta.

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